License #141044Jeff Mardis,Operator

Saturday Bingo Specials

We are a Non-Smoking Facility!
$1000 coverall game on the package!!!! 
Oct. 7-$10,000 Night License 144238
Oct 14-$200 Door Prize
Oct. 21-NO BINGO
Oct. 28-Earlybird Special $75/$100

Doors open at 4:00pm
Earlybirds at 5:00pm 
Package at 5:45pm

Earlybirds $5.00 per pack

12 pack-$13.00     2nd pack $6.50 (if you play them both!)

18 pack-$18.00     2nd pack $9.00 (if you play them both!)

Bonanza Intermission Game $1.00 per sheet (return old card and .50 get one new card, or return old card and $1.00 for two new cards)

Quickies $5.00 per pack

Payout info:
Earlybirds $50/$100

Package games range from $100 to $1000. Click here for more information.

Intermission Starts at 48# for $1000, if not hit payout is $100 and one number added until the $1000 is hit.

Quickies $100/game

Bingo Information