Fitness Facility Resources
Fitness Facility Resources

Cardio-Vascular Component

​      8 treadmills
5 ellipticals
Airdyne bicycle
recumbent bicycle
NuStep cycle
Spin Bike

Static Machine Component

​      Lateral/Seated RowPec/Delt
Abdominal/Back     Vertical Bench Press
Leg Extension/Curl Multi Vertical Press
Leg/Toe Press  Tricep Extension
Inner/Outer Thigh Bicep Curl
Personal Pulley GymChin Up/Dip/Ab/Push Up
Calf Raise UnitLeg Press Sled
      Chest Press7 Degree Smith Machine
      Lat Machine

Free Weight Component

​      Olympic Decline BenchOlympic Flat Bench
Olympic Incline BenchAdjustable Dumbbell Bench
45 Degree Hyperextension Bench  Adujstable Sit-up 
Bench Smith Machine  Preacher Curl
Squat Rack

Full range of stainless steel, rubber encased dumbbells.
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