The Golay Community Center was presented to the people of the Western Wayne Indiana area in the fall of 1981.  It was a gift from the Charles R. Golay family. Mr. Golay, a successful industrialist in the Cambridge City community, along with his wife Marjorie, and their son Chuck, had long envisioned a place where area residents of all ages could come together and participate in programs that would enrich their spiritual, mental, and physical lives.

Since the dedication of the building, erected at a cost of 2.25 million dollars, thousands of area youth and families have enjoyed their affiliation with the Center, and have benefited through their participation in the varied activities open to people in the tri-county area.

The original capital for construction was obtained through the sale of the Golay Company assets.  Think about it!  The family, led by Mr. Golay, developed an industrial complex, provided years of employment to support area families, and then converted the assets into a community center for current and future residents.  This is an amazing example of the American spirit, resulting in an act of love and generosity directed to a small Indiana community.  It’s a unique situation in every sense. 

The original concept for ongoing financial support was sound.  It involved the Golay Foundation, to be funded primarily through the sale of the Golay-ChoreBoy farm, consisting of over 800 acres, and located east of Pershing on US 40.  Numerous meeting rooms, a kitchen, preschool, multi-purpose room, exercise room, a large gymnasium, and a 25-meter, six-lane pool in the Natatorium require large sums of money to keep the Center presentable and functional.

In mid-June 1997, the Board of Directors closed the Natatorium for restoration. The planning and design phase lasted one and a half years. In January of 1999, the Golay Center Building Renovation began, with areas in the Natatorium, Gymnasium, and Main Building being renovated.  The project encompassed the entire building surrounding the pool, a large portion of the Gymnasium, virtually all mechanical equipment in the Main Building, and some exterior renovation.

By 2003, the Board of Directors felt the next focus should be on a top quality Fitness Facility for adults. Over a three year period, nearly 125,000 dollars was raised through fundraising efforts to renovate and purchase cardio-vascular equipment, commercial grade weight machines and free weight components. This led to a surge in membership exceeding 2000 members by 2007. 

The summer of 2008 showcased a new Open Air Facility for basketball, volleyball, tennis and other youth activities. The Golay Community Center continues to assess community interests and adapt to changing needs.

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