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Memberships and Day Pass Rates

Memberships include use of the facility: pool, weight room (16 and over), cardio room (16 and over), gymnasium, free aerobics classes, and discounted rates on programs.

Youth (18 and under)

Electronic Funds: N/A

Annual: $111

Quarterly: $62

Adult (19 and over)

Electronic Funds $30

Annual: $284



Electronic Funds$54

Annual: $554

Quarterly: $308

Single Parent Family*

Electronic Funds: $38

Annual: $377

Quarterly: $209

Married Couple

Electronic Funds: $44

Annual: $417

Quarterly: $232

College Student**

Electronic Funds: N/A

Annual: $126

Quarterly: N/A

*College students up to age 22 can be covered on this membership with student ID 

** Provide a valid student ID


-An administrative fee of $40 is charged when purchasing an Electronic Funds membership. The fee must be paid when applying for a membership. EFT memberships are cancel at any time, but they do take 30 days to cancel.


-Quarterly memberships may be upgraded to an Annual membership by paying the balance before expiration. 

-Up to 4 day passes (must have receipts) can be taken off of an ANNUAL membership. 



Day Pass Rates


                                                           Youth (18 & under)                     $5.00   

                                                           Adult (19 & over)                        $7.00

-Day pass rates are good for all day usage, just keep your receipt.


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