Personal Training & Personal Yoga Therapy

Personal Trainer

Renee McCullum

Renee is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer; also CPR and AED trained by the American Heart Association. A long time member and a familiar face at the Golay Community Center. Renee's love and passion for health and fitness has continued to grow and develop over the years. Starting as an Aerobics Instructor for over 10 years, and working out regularly at the Center for more than 25 years. Renee has instructed our Body Sculpting and Spin classes. Now she is ready to help patrons identify their personal health and fitness goals and achieve them!


Whether you are wanting to increase your stability and mobility, enhance activities of daily living, lose weight, build core strength, or improve body composition by increasing lean body mass. Call for your FREE consultation today at (765) 478-5565, leave your name and phone number and Renee will call you back to set up an appointment.


Cost for training sessions: Personal Training $25/members, $35/non-members

                                             Group Training (2+ people) $15/member, $25/non-members

**Training Sessions are 1 hour long**

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Personal Yoga Therapy with

Natalie Bussell

 Yoga Therapy is designed by a certified Yoga Therapist to treat specific ailments. Therapeutic Yoga, although can be challenging, is generally more nurturing and gentle with a concentration on body awareness and postural alignment. Students of Yoga Therapy are taught to tune in to their breath and become aware of how their muscles and joints are responding to therapy, as well as their emotional and spiritual self. This is how Yoga differs from any other exercise. Yoga requires full attention not only on the body, but in the mind also. You cannot watch TV or read a book while practicing Yoga like you can while participating in other exercise programs. Other exercises separate what the mind is doing from what the body is doing, where as in Yoga, it becomes one. 

When students are gravely ill, the entire practice may focus on breathing and relaxation until the student regains his/her strength. Therapeutic Yoga is tailored to fit the student’s individual needs and abilities. A lot of times, props are used in therapy to help make poses more comfortable and safer. Some props used are pillows, folded blankets, bolsters, straps, chairs, and even the wall. Establishing an at-home practice is crucial to the effectiveness of Yoga Therapy. 

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Cost for training sessions: Personal Training $25/members, $35/non-members